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Broad and balanced

We offer an expertly-delivered, high quality inspirational curriculum, drawing on best practice from independent and state schools nationally.  It follows the National Curriculum, though like most schools we add to that and build on it.  We will support all students to achieve their greatest potential both academically and as creative, caring and responsible future adults.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and will meet the needs of the full range of our students, developing them intellectually, socially, culturally, spiritually and morally.

Personalised pathways

As well as the common core curriculum, and cross-curricular ICT, as students move up the school there will be differentiated curriculum pathways.  All paths will develop our students’ critical thinking skills and empower them as citizens, employees and individuals.

The vast majority of students who are able to achieve the English Baccalaureate will follow a pathway that enables them to achieve this but there will always be flexibility to adapt this for individuals with particular talents, gifts or progression routes.

For the minority of students where an English Baccalaureate or equivalent pathway is an unrealistic aspiration we will provide an alternative range of courses and options, enabling every student to gain a sense of self-worth and achievement.

More detail

We have broken down our curriculum information into four stages:

Curriculum image
Skills for life

Our teachers are trained to make the most of every possible opportunity to develop students’ literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills to support them in their studies and prepare them for the world of work. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development will be embedded throughout the curriculum.

As the school grows we will offer additional courses and extra-curricular activities related to our specialist subjects and will seek to form partnerships with other local schools and colleges, to further broaden our provision.

Wider curriculum

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