What is an EPQ?  

EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification, which is an additional qualification you can take alongside your A Levels. It helps to develop research skills, time management and other skills that will be very useful at university. It doesn’t need to be related to a subject you’re studying.

The project can be either:

  • A written report of 5000 words
  • A written report of 1000 words plus one of the following: an artefact, a recording of a performance or activity, multimedia presentation, slide presentation, photographic record

In addition to the above, each student must keep a production log and make a presentation of their project, on which you will be questioned in the form of a mini viva. A successfully completed EPQ carries UCAS points equivalent to half an A-Level.

‘EPQs, which are worth half an A level, are increasingly popular with top universities. Bristol, Manchester, Southampton and Leeds are among a growing number prepared to lower their A-level grade requirements if applicants get an A or A* for their EPQ.’- The Times, 3rd January 2019