Duke of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Undertaken by millions of young people throughout the UK, the award offers three progressive levels, Bronze (offered to Years 9 and 10), Silver (will be offered in Year 11 students next year) and Gold (offered to Sixth Form students). Each award offers young people the opportunity to push their personal boundaries, develop new skills, build friendships, improve their self-confidence and enhance their CVs and University applications. It will not give students UCAS points, but it can be an excellent talking point in their Personal Statement, as they will develop many soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, resilience and responsibility. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps participants to develop their physical, personal and community experience through a combination of activities. During the award, participants will design a programme for personal development in an area of their choice. This could be volunteering to help their local community, learning a new skill, such as learning the guitar, practicing cooking or improving their physical fitness.

Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award has many benefits. "Through a DofE programme young people have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence. They gain essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive, enhancing CVs and university and job applications." https://www.dofe.org/

There are three levels of programme, which, when successfully completed lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The main differences between each level are the minimum length of time they take to complete, how challenging they are and minimum age you can start:


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For further information about the Duke of Edinburgh programme, visit the official Duke of Edinburgh website here.