Our Vision, values & Ethos


All five schools in the Russell Education Trust share a common Trust Vision, yet each has its own unique Vision, Values and Ethos, reflecting its origins and the needs of its community. Our Vision for Turing House School is:

A safe, happy, learning community 

We believe there is no ceiling to our students’ academic abilities and that when students are safe and happy, they are learning at their best, therefore: 

  • We care for the whole child, in a caring, family-orientated environment.
  • Students are at the heart of every decision we make.
  • Every student in our school is important; every student is looked after.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure all our students feel valued, supported and understood.
  • Our staff, students and parents work together to achieve the best possible educational outcomes. 
Our Turing Values:
  • Modesty: Be confident, yet humble, in your achievements. Let others shine with you.
  • Curiosity: Question the world around you, love learning and never stop searching for answers.
  • Leadership: Be a positive influence in the lives of others. Inspire them with kindness and look for opportunities to do good each day.
  • Creativity: Broaden your imagination to reach new heights of innovation.
  • Perseverance: Keep trying. Aim higher. You haven't got there ... yet! 
Our School Ethos:
  • Thriving students: Turing House is an academic, inclusive school, with a clear focus on student wellbeing and high performance for children aged 11-18. Care is at the heart of all that we do – we value and support the achievements and aspirations of every student, whatever their ability and potential. Through positive relationships and high-quality teaching and learning, we enable students from all backgrounds to make exceptional progress, thriving in ways beyond academic achievement. Turing House focuses on more than just exam results, encouraging self-esteem and respect for others, independence and responsibility, creative and critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving and an interest in the wider world. 
  • A welcoming atmosphere: At Turing House we are proud to be named after Alan Turing and take inspiration from his life and work. Each member of our diverse community is encouraged to act responsibly towards others and consider the impact of their words and actions; all are welcome, and discrimination is not tolerated. We encourage our students to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. 
  • A rich curriculum: Our broad and balanced curriculum has the depth to enable our students to take advantage of the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences they will encounter in later life. STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are a particular focus at Turing House, developing key skills needed for the 21st Century economy. Meanwhile, our thriving Performing and Visual Arts departments provide opportunities for students to develop their creativity and confidence. Our English, Humanities and Modern Foreign Language (MFL) departments enrich their cultural knowledge and understanding of the wider world and help to develop their communication skills. PSHCE lessons equip our students to keep themselves healthy and safe, and our PE staff inspire them to choose an active lifestyle, including opportunities to try new sports, and represent our school in competitions. 
  • Inspirational staff: Turing House attracts, develops, and retains outstanding teachers and supports them to inspire our pupils. The wellbeing of our staff is important - the support of the Russell Education Trust helps us to keep standards high while seeking to alleviate excessive workload. 
  • Community spirit: Turing House students are strongly encouraged to behave responsibility within school and outside of it, and to participate in voluntary activities which benefit our local community. Our staff participate in local community projects, and in professional networks with staff from other local schools. Our Turing House Friends group organises social and fundraising events through which families can get to know each other, and, whenever possible, parents are welcomed into school for events. New for 2023: our school facilities at Hospital Bridge Road will soon be available for community use and we are very much looking forward to welcoming people in!