Travelling to School

Headteachers Welcome

Travelling to Turing House School

Students, teachers and visitors are strongly encouraged to walk or cycle to Turing House School, or to use public transport. You can check your route options using the following links:

Parents are strongly encouraged to avoid using cars to transport their children to the school.  If private transport is used, parents and carers are respectfully requested to abide by the guidance we will issue from time to time and to be considerate in their parking.


Cycling to school is encouraged along safe local cycle routes. All students who wish to cycle to school must have a signed cycle permit - a permit letter is available from the school office. It is students' responsibility to provide a lock  and secure their cycle or scooter in the school shelter - we recommend a "D-lock". The school does not take responsibility for any loss, damage or theft.

Students are reminded to ensure that their cycles are roadworthy and that they ensure they are visible to other road users by using lights and high visibility clothing. Helmets should also be worn.

Richmond Local Authority offer free cycle training to anyone who lives, works or studies in the Borough. Level 2 offers the option to provide a safe route from home to school. Any person under 16 must be accompanied.


Please remember to take care when travelling, particularly when crossing roads. Other road users may not see you, particularly in bad weather or when it is dark. If in doubt always wait to see whether a vehicle has seen you rather than assume that they have. Use reflective strips on bags and coats to help yourself to be seen.