The Job Market

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LabouR Market Information

Reliable labour market information can help to inform careers decisions.  The handy widget below uses reliable Labour Market Information and enables you to compare  different jobs. Have a go!

At Turing House we ask all students from Year 7 - 13 to use the Unifrog platform start their Labour Market Information research. Using their careers library and know how areas you can find out about a wealth of careers. This is not the only source of information though, you can often find useful information on job search engines such as' indeed' and local adverts. Conversations with your teacher, careers advisor, friends and family may give you some insight. There are many government funded organisations that will provide this information.

Where can i find Labour Market Information?


Below you will find some useful links covering an extensive range of Job Profiles and Job Sectors:

Please be aware that these links are just a starting point in your employment journey. Unifrog covers a great deal of this information in one place.