Employability Skills

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Developing Employability skills can be the key to success in your career. It is therefore useful to know what are they and why are they important.


So what do we mean by employability skills?

An employer will look for key skills and qualities when choosing the best candidate for a job. These skills can be separated into two categories: Hard and soft (you don't need to have them all to get a job but many of these may come naturally or can develop as you grow in confidence and experience.

Hard Skills: These are skills which are taught, you may receive a certificate for (such as learning a language). You can also improve these over time with practice.

Soft Skills: These are harder to define and will come more naturally to some than others. However with practice these skills can also be developed. They include things such as being a good listener, teamwork, organised, leader, These skills are often referred to as transferrable skills.

Why do they matter?

You will probably have more than one job/ role or even career during your life. You need to show your transferrable employability skills to grow and develop your career. This means you need to be adaptable and ensure you have a wide range of these skills in your CV.

Below is a summary of some of the top employability skills:

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