Turing house friends

Headteachers Welcome

What is Turing House Friends (THF)?

Turing House Friends is a PTA that supports the work of Turing House School by bringing the wider school community together through engaging, entertaining, informing and fundraising.  

Who are Turing House Friends?

THF is made up of parents and carers but students, teachers, staff, volunteers and invited members of the community are welcome to join. As a registered charity THF is governed by elected officers:

  • Lise Virgile - Chair
  • Viki Veale  - Secretary
  • Asheet Patel  - Treasurer.
  • THF Constitution

The elected officers are supported by the wider THF community and we are delighted to see so many people contributing to the work of THF. 

We run Rugby Parking for events at Twickenham stadium.

What has Turing House Friends been up to recently?

Many of our activities were paused during the Covid-19 restrictions, but below are some examples of activities:

  • We sell second-hand uniform - you can email us for stock info, look on oldschooluniform.co.uk, or come along to one of our sales.
  • The ongoing hosting of a number of drinks evenings continue to prove very successful, thank you to everyone who has been coming along, it’s fantastic to see them so well attended and many new friendships being formed. 
  • The Turing House School Library book drive: We run a "Gift for Turing House" book drive each Christmas to keep our library up-yo-date. Thanks to the entire school community and local businesses for all the very generous book gifts.
  • We've run Comedy Nights at Elleray Hall and The Exchange to raise funds for workshops and music equipment.
  • Over lockdown we ran virtual Escape Room events and direct funding campaigns for vital IT equipment.

How to make sure you are informed?

To keep up to speed with all THF news and key dates, follow us on twitter @TuringHsFriends and Facebook, and read the updates in the school newsletter.  We have Whatsapp group for people who want to get more involved with THF.  Look out for details being circulated in school communications, or email us at thf@turinghouseschool.org.uk if you want to join in.

How to get involved?

  • The very best way is to just jump in, enjoy and support the initiatives we are delivering.
  • We have meetings every few weeks, so come along.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about what we do or if you have any event and activity ideas please drop an email to the THF Secretary at:  thf@turinghouseschool.org.uk

Thank you,

THF elected committee

Registered Charity Number 1165329