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Jack Petchey Achievement Award

Every year we nominate a handful of our students for Jack Petchey awards. Award winners are profiled in our School Newsletter.

“The Achievement Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best.”  Jack Petchey CBE

What is the Jack Petchey Achievement Award?


Young people selected should be those who have gone above and beyond, and achieved – perhaps where others thought they might fail. Winning an Achievement Award should mean different things for different people – it may represent a personal triumph against adversity, it may recognise a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone, it may be the opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player who always puts others first. At the very heart of the Achievement Award is the fact that young people make the nominations and selections and so they are recognising the hard work and efforts of their peers.

The Jack Petchey Foundation seek to:
  • Inspire and raise the aspirations of young people.
  • Affirm, reward and celebrate achievement.
  • Value young people and those who work with them, advocating their views and putting young peoples’ voice at the centre of our work.
  • Develop young peoples’ confidence, motivating them to take on new challenges and to believe in themselves.
  • Be positive and promote a positive perspective on life.
  • Be inclusive, working at grass roots and building communities.
  • Promote a culture of ‘giving something back’.
  • Strive for excellence in our work.