gcse 2023


It was lovely to see most of our students arrive to collect their results and thank you to all the families that managed to come in and support their children. There were lots of shaky hands at first, resulting in some terrible envelope opening, but then  lots  of smiles, with many students delighted with their outcomes.

Including English and Maths, 88% of students achieved Grades 9-4, compared with a national average of 67.8%. 9-5 results stand at 74.4%, currently with no national comparison. 26% of students achieved grade 7+, and 46% of students gained grades 9-7 in their GCSEs.

History, Drama, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, English Literature and Maths results stood out as being particularly impressive.

Individual students performed well, with Joe gaining a clean sweep of Grade 9s - we couldn’t persuade him to let us take a picture though! Well done to the following students who all gained results that averaged a Grade 7 or above: Kaiden, Zach, Lukas, Arun, Adam, Ben, Michael,  Sasha,  Zac,  Daniel,  Luca,  Nicholas, Sami, Sakurako, Maria, Yannis, Amelia, Tom, Rhiya, Taran, Leo, Archie, Casper, Henry, Leona, Katie, Barnaby, Alex, Harry, Salim, and Seth.

We were also really pleased to see a huge number of students making excellent progress against their targets, with Nick, Taran and Saku leading the way. Taran told us: ‘I was feeling really nervous prior to arriving at school, especially when queuing up. However, when I got my results, I felt shocked as I couldn’t believe it. I was really happy with my results, and I know a lot of people were too!’ The following students achieved had excellent results as well: Salim, Leo, Ethan, Katie, Josh, Lukas, Amelia, Rhys, Liam, Kaiden, Archie, Katie, Abby, Abbie, Riley, Freya, Zac, Virginia, Serine, Marley, Yannis, Josh, Zach, Eva, Evie, Arun, Michael, Luca, Giacomo, Molly, Tilly, Elliot, Ned, Alec, Tom, Rohan, Luke, Ben, Lola, Lucy Alice, Maria, Tom, Rhiya, and Noah.

It feels important to acknowledge that regardless of whether grades are the very highest ones possible, every student who worked hard should feel remarkably proud of their achievements, as we certainly are!

Some lovely comments from our Year 11 parents (that we were very grateful to receive) included: “Thank you so much for the support you have given us this year. We are really pleased with the results, and some are really above our expectations. But beside the results, the care given was great to have from the Head of Year and the rest of the team.”

“Your efforts with our daughter really paid off and thank you for all your support. It’s been a real learning curve which I hope will benefit her with preparation for A-Levels.”

“Thank you all for your great leadership and teaching style. Your efforts and chosen career paths do not go unnoticed.”

Overall, we are very pleased with how our students did, especially considering the impact of Covid-19 on this year group. They were also the first students on our Hampton site and, with our site move, experienced huge change in their secondary education. We can confidently say that they have also shown great resilience.