gcse 2022

We couldn’t be happier with the outcomes of our first set of A Level examination results!

Class of 2022

It has been a long time waiting for our first set of GCSE results. It does seem strange to have opened a school in 2015 and not getting GCSE results in 2022. The global pandemic not only impacted on our expected growth but interrupted and continues to influence the pathway of our outstanding students.

This is why we are delighted to announce an amazing set of first ever GCSE results.

92.7% of our students gained a standard pass including English and Maths with 82.3% achieving a strong pass. 35.4% of student achieved the very top grades. We were delighted with the number of students that gained mainly grades 9’s. Nearly 80% of students were on or above their targets showing excellent progress. 

11 students took A level politics early. All 11 gained grades A-C with 4 students gaining an A grade. An amazing achievement in light of the disruption to the learning due to the pandemic.

Our early entry RP students in year 10 also produced an amazing set of results 83.6% of students gained a grade 9-4, 41.8% of students gained the top grades with an amazing 8.2% gaining a grade 9. A year early!

A huge well done to all of our students.