TFL Stars

Ever since our school opened its doors in 2015, we have had a focus on ensuring our students travel to school in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner. We joined the TfL STARS Project to help us on this journey. Over the course of the last seven years we have made improvements to the way we travel and have been awarded a number of accreditations, with Gold Accreditation being awarded in 2019. Since 2019, we have worked hard to retain this award. Being a Gold-accredited school puts us among the top 10% of London schools, meaning we set high standards to inspire others to transform travel habits; we engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day.

About the TfL STARS Community Project
STARS is TfL's accreditation scheme for London schools. STARS inspires young Londoners to travel to school sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely by championing walking, scooting and cycling.
STARS supports pupils' wellbeing, helps to reduce congestion at the school gates and improves road safety and air quality.

What have we done as part of this project?
Each academic year we begin by surveying students and staff on their travel habits. This helps us to draw up targets for the year, as well as to identify any potential issues related to travel around the school site.
We then look to organise activities to manage possible issues, to increase active travel or to encourage responsible travel.

Some of the activities we completed last academic year (2021 – 2022) included:
• A bike marking event organised in conjunction with our Safer Schools Police Officer – PC Smith.
• Assemblies on road safety, with a particular focus on our new local community after the move to our permanent site in Whitton.
• The installation and maintenance of cycle storage to facilitate students, staff and visitors who cycle to the school site.
• Meetings with local stakeholders, including local councillors, to discuss any travel-based concerns.
• Regular communication through our school newsletter to give updates on travel-related items.