Religion and Philosophy Daily Question

30 days to go until Y10 take their first GCSE exam! This is their revision question for the day. Could you answer it?

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Explain two contrasting religious beliefs about pacifism

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1Give two ways in which religious believers help victims of war.
2Explain two contrasting views on contraception in Christianity
3Explain two similar religious beliefs about war.
4Explain two reasons why marriage is a sacred bond
5‘The Bible tells Christians all they need to know about God’s creation’. Evaluate this statement.
6Explain two Islamic beliefs about the nature of God.
7Give the names of four Islamic angels
8Give two different roles that prophets have in Islam.
9Give two reasons why Akhirah is important in Islam.
10‘The Qur’an contains all the guidance that Muslims need to live a perfect Muslim life’. Evaluate this statement.
11Explain two differences in Shia and Sunni beliefs
12Explain two Muslim beliefs about the prophet Muhammad
13Explain the concept of denominations and give examples
14‘It is not always wrong to have sex before marriage’. Evaluate this statement
15Explain two contrasting religious views about remarriage
16Explain two religious beliefs about forgiveness
17Give two reasons why some religious people may wish to protest
18‘There are no good reasons for countries to possess nuclear weapons’. Evaluate this statement (82 days March 1st )
19Give two reasons why Christians might fight
20Describe evidence in the Bible about the incarnation
21Explain two religious beliefs about the nature of marriage. Refer to scripture in your answer
22‘God cannot be good and all powerful’ Evaluate this statement
23Explain what Christians mean when they describe Jesus as the Word
24Explain the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus
25‘Adam and Eve are to blame for all the sin in the world’ Evaluate this statement
26Explain the concepts of salvation and atonement
27Explain two Christian teachings about the Trinity. Refer to scripture in your answer
28Give two ways in which Christians believe God shows his benevolence
29Give two of the holy books in Islam other than the Qur’an
30Describe the concept of annulment
31Explain two contrasting religious beliefs about homosexual relationships
32Give two features of holy wars
33Explain two contrasting Christian views on homosexuality
34Give 4 purposes of a family according to Christians
35Describe Christian views on divorce
36Explain two meanings of the concept of tawhid. Refer to scripture in your answer
37‘Women should look after the children while men work’ Evaluate this statement
38Describe the importance of Musa and Isa for Muslims
39Give two reasons for war
40Explain how a war of your choice meets the terms of the just war theory
41Give the name of the famous philosophers who came up with the just war theory
42Give two conditions of a just war according to some religious believers
43Give two religious beliefs about heaven
44Explain two contrasting religious beliefs about divorce
45Explain two religious beliefs about the purpose of families. Refer to scripture in your answer
46Explain two Muslim beliefs about the Day of Judgement
47Give two reasons why Christians are against Weapons of mass destruction
48Give two religious beliefs about cohabitation
49Give two examples of peace-making in contemporary Britain
50List two conscientious objectors
51List two pacifists
52Give two reasons why many religious people do not support violent protest
53Explain Christian views on Forgiveness and Reconciliation
54Explain two ways in which a worldwide Christian relief organisation supports victims of war
55Explain two Muslim teachings about predestination. Refer to scripture in your answer
56Explain two ways in which the actions of the prophet Ibrahim are remembered
57Explain two religious beliefs about the purpose of families. Refer to scripture in your answer
58‘A Muslim’s approach to life should be based on their beliefs about the afterlife’. Evaluate this statement
59Give two of the six articles of faith in Sunni Islam
60Explain two ways in which a belief in greater jihad influences Muslims today
61What are the main causes of terrorism?
62What four books in the new testament give an account of Jesus’ life
63Explain two religious beliefs about free will and how it should be used
64‘The love and care parent’s show in bringing up their children is all that matters; the sex of the parent’s is unimportant’. Evaluate this statement
65Explain two religious responses to the theory of evolution
66Explain religious views on terrorism
67What is the difference between greater and lesser Jihad
68Explain two reasons why Muhammad is considered to be the most important prophet in Islam. Refer to scripture in your answer
69Explain two similar religious beliefs about sexual relationships outside of marriage (adultery). Refer to scripture in your answer
70‘The fear of eternal punishment is the only thing that makes religious people value human life’. Evaluate this statement