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The 'Waldegrave Effect'

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The ‘Waldegrave Effect’ is the inequity of provision in the SW Twickenham area that arises because:

  • Local boys have no access to Waldegrave, an outstanding local girls’ school (and the only school in the area with a science specialism).
  • While many families are attracted by Waldegrave’s single-sex intake, there are many local girls who'd like to attend an exceptional mixed school but don't have access to one.
  • Families who have both girls and boys often want them to attend the same local school.
  • Waldegrave’s huge popularity means its catchment areas are shrinking, but it already has 7 forms of entry and isn't planning to expand further.
  • Waldegrave's distinctiveness gives it an appeal that is borough-wide (and beyond), but, despite the fact that 15% of its places are allocated to a priority area in the north of the borough, its role as a regional resource is limited by its massive oversubscription.
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