Turing House

Vision and Values

We are creating a high quality, inclusive school, with a clear focus on high performance for children from 11 to 18.  We will instil good behaviour and attitudes towards others as the basis for excellence at every stage of school life.   Our school will enable children from all backgrounds to make exceptional progress. It will attract and retain outstanding staff and support them to inspire our pupils.

Our school will:

Support all students to achieve their academic and social potential

Turing House is committed to the highest possible academic standards, whilst delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. It values and support the achievements and aspirations of every student, whatever their ability and potential.

As parents we know how important it is for our children to thrive in all kinds of ways beyond academic achievement. Turing House will focus on more than just exam results, encouraging self-esteem and respect for others, independence and responsibility, creative and critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving and a passionate interest in the wider world.

Provide a special focus on science, engineering, and music

Our broad-based curriculum will cater for all interests and future career paths.  In addition we are developing two areas of specialism; science & engineering, and music.  All of our children, including those whose main interests lie outside the specialist subjects, can benefit from the additional resources and enrichment activities that our specialist focus will provide, as well as from generic “life” skills associated with the chosen subjects. 

Provide a caring environment where staff know each of the children by name

With an intake of 150 our school will be substantially smaller than most other secondary schools, and tutor groups are limited to 25 pupils per class.

Encourage parental engagement

Many local parents are very engaged with their children's primary school, both educationally and socially.  We know that schools can provide valuable social networks for families in our community, and encourage continuation of that close parental involvement at secondary level.

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Encourage Responsibility for Self and Others

We believe that everyone in our school should behave in a responsible manner: with each other; with the school; and with the wider community. We model this to students in the way the school is run by being a responsible employer and consumer as well as having clear plans of how we support our local and global community. Students participate in community programmes to achieve these goals and we are also working towards a Gold Standard Eco Schools Award.

Be a resource for the local community

We envisage our school remaining open until late in the evening as a community learning hub, offering a range of clubs and courses for people of all ages and interests. 

A fantastic opportunity for the borough to get a school that is shaped by its own local community.

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