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What local people have said to us about our students:
  • Magistrates

    I think I speak for both Mary and myself when I say we really enjoyed the visit today.  We left highly impressed by the behaviour of the pupils and your school generally.   Year 7 were a little more willing to answer questions, but both sessions went well from our point of view and despite the large audience of 100+ the young people were all most attentive and interested.  I hope it has left them all something to think about.    So thank you for inviting us in.  It was a pleasure to come.

  • Your pupils' impressive behaviour

    Dear Mr Mackinlay,

    Last Friday (30th July) I took the 481 bus from Hospital Bridge Road to Kingston at 7.45am. The bus was full of Turing House pupils. I’ve travelled with busloads of pupils from other local schools over many years. Often it is a nightmare of excitable, dishevelled, shouting, shoving children. My experience of your pupils was quite different. I realise that you only have two year groups of children at the moment and maybe they get rowdier as they get older, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the Turing House School pupils on that bus that I felt I just had to write and tell you how proud you can be about their behaviour.

    The children all looked neat and tidy and chatted quietly among themselves – no raucous laughter or shouting, but smiles and quiet conversations. As soon as I got onto the crowded bus, one of the older girls leapt to her feet and offered me her seat. In the past I have often been ignored by pupils of the other schools, and left to stand in the midst of their loud conversations. The final amazement was when we got to the ‘Teddington Hospital’ stop. The children filed off the bus quietly and in orderly fashion. As each one passed the driver to alight from the bus, they turned to him and said ‘Thank you’ – it was quite enchanting and something I haven’t seen in London since I was a schoolgirl 60 years ago. They then proceeded sensibly and quietly to cross the roads carefully, to begin their school day. I must have had a smile on my face all the way to Kingston that morning.

    Please pass on my praises  to your pupils. They are a credit to the school and to their families. I was especially thrilled with this exhibition of good, polite and sociable behaviour, as my grandson will be starting at Turing House next term. Just looking at the school website, this morning, to find out your name and email address, I was impressed with all that I saw and read. My daughter had already sung the praises of Turing House School following the clear information she had received and the meetings she had attended at the school – a far cry from her experiences with other schools over the years.

    Many congratulations to you, your staff and your well behaved pupils and best wishes for the future of your school.

  • Sharing Public Transport

    Dear Sir,

    Every morning of my working day presents a challenge; sharing public transport with the school children of the many and varied schools in the area.

    It is very noticeable, however, that the children from your school are very different from the milieu - displaying impeccable manners and courtesy on a consistent every-day basis, They stand back to allow the elderly to board the bus first, they thank the driver when they alight and they use the word 'please'. As this behaviour is displayed by all the pupils, whether male or female, I can only conclude that they are taught manners and courtesy as part of the school ethos. For this, you and your staff are to be commended, for you are also educating children to be likeable, useful citizens.

    It's quite touching when they alight from the bus to hear the driver calling out to them 'watch the road' such is the impact of their good manners. I rarely put pen to paper for any reason these days, but I thought you ought to know these children bring credit to your school.

  • iPad training

    I recently attended an i Pad course at Elleray Hall.It was made all the more instructive and enjoyable by the students from Turing House school.Their knowledge and the engaging way they imparted it has meant that I am now far more in control of my iPad! Please thank them all,they are a credit to your school.

  • Wonderlab

    Thank you so much for inviting me to the school and organising the three groups with pupils.

    What a bright & charming group of young people. They and the school should be very proud. As you know I bring no teaching skills but the groups were so proactive that there were no awkward moments. Fascinating, relevant and very useful for the Wonderlab project.


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