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Year 7 and 8 Poetry

Year 7 and 8 pupils have produced some fantastic poetry this year: Year 7’s inspired by Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Year 8’s inspired by the form of Slam Poetry – rhythmic spoken word. Students from both year groups have produced some impressive work.

Finn Worley Brady - Year 7


Amongst the trees and solemn leaves,
A silver wolf there stood,
Brimming with power, sullen yet dour,
He searched throughout the wood.

The moon spectated, the stars debated,
How would they decide his fate?
He’d concealed so much anguish,
But now he just looked for his mate.

He couldn’t apprehend where she had gone,
Cast in the sky, the silhouette of a dove,
‘Twas an intimation of where she so silently lay,
Her pillows the clouds above.

Finn Worley Brady - Year 7

Luca Hollywood - Year 7

A Meeting With Death

Even now I can still see
What stood there in the dark
My mind’s eye is still reeling
At what leant against the bark

She is known as only Death
Her cloak fell about her
And by her skeletal feet
A body lay asunder

The only thing I could feel
Was the fear on my spine
And the cold freezing my bones
As she leant against the pine

Her scythe was made of iron
Its handle made of oak
Her right hand wrapped around it
The other deep in her cloak

I can still remember now
What stood there in the dark
My heart still thumping with fear
At what leant against the bark

Luca Hollywood - Year 7

Max Bullock - Year 7


Willow tried to hide,
From the creature that she saw,
She thought its sole aim was
To spread blood and gore,

It had gleaming red eyes,
Knives instead of claws,
Filled to the brim with hate,
Its feasting never paused,

She heard a scream,
Blood ran down the street,
The creature leaped on a running man,
Another victim it would eat,

Willow ran to a dead end,
The beast was right behind her,
She saw its two enormous arms and tentacles,
No descriptive word she couldn’t not slur,

She daren’t move,
It was now the end,
That was what she thought,
Little did she know though, that the monster’s thoughts would bend,

The monster recognized her scent,
Its black heart felt glad.
It curled up by her feet.
Willow was no longer mad or sad.

Willow feared for her life,
But now was glad as he,
The monster now, she recognized,
Was part of her family.

Her heart rejoiced, her brother was found.
She recognized the necklace on its throat.
A special charm only they would wear.
He held the letter that she wrote.

He spoke to her,
With a voice as soft as a pillow.
“Sister,” it said, “Help me please...”
They tortured me, but I killed them all, Willow.

We’ll get them all,
I’ll even help you too.
We’ll hunt them down,
Those who dared to hurt you.

Max Bullock - Year 7

Tom Delaney - Year 7


There was a boy who lived in the woods
He wanted to explore the world
But his mother wouldn’t let him go out
“It’s dangerous” he was told.

One day his mother went out to the village
And left him all alone
He wanted to go out as she was gone
Into a world of unknown

He came towards a group of people
And asked them where to go
But then they started to say something
That the boy just didn’t know

That’s when he started to get scared
So he started to run back home
Only to find his mother
Who was worried sick as a gnome

The boy thought his mother would shout at him
But all she did was this:
She embraced him in her skinny arms
And gave him a loving kiss

Tom Delaney - Year 7

Rabeya Imran - Year 7


They say you only love something once it’s gone,
Perhaps it’s your pet,
Or your dad or your mum.

But there’s something else that goes in a blink,
No it’s not your punishment for clogging the sink.
It’s a time in your life where you’re free and everything’s good,
Yeah I’m talking about your childhood.

Jumping on the sofas,
Drawing on the walls,
No-one really cared because they said you were small.

But one day you will wake up and feel strange,
You won’t like certain things and your friends will say,
“By gosh you’ve changed!”

What you do and wear
Makes people either glare or stare.

Your imagination drops,
Your self -esteem drops.
But with the right friends,
Your mental breakdown ends.

So hold onto your childhood,
Because once it’s gone,
It’s gone for good.

Rabeya Imran - Year 7

Conor Claxton - Year 7


There was a man called Bob
He really did love food
Whenever he was hungry
He was not in a good mood.

Monday night was chicken
KFC he ate
Whenever he had eaten,
He felt really great.

Tuesday is his favourite;
Curry night’s the best!
He loves korma so much
When he eats it he feels blessed.

Wednesday was pizza,
Which was from Tesco’s
Though it was out of datev Anything goes

Pasta was on Thursday:
He ate a whole bowl.
He was always so hungryv To be full was his goal.

Friday was a great burger
From Macy D’s
A Big Mac and fries
A McFlurry before he leaves.

Saturday was a Subway:
Ham and lettuce inside-
What else should he get?v Chips- not baked but fried.

Sunday he had a roast;
Baked potato is nice.
To make it even better
He added a bit of spice.

Conor Claxton - Year 7

Tom Phillpot - Year 7


It started in reception
It was really fun, and
Before I even knew it
The year was done.

All we did was play all day
We played with trains and stuff,
And when we had to do some
Work we just huffed and puffed.

Year 1 it was trickier a bit more
Writing less play,
And when we finished school we
Shouted ah what a day!

Sports day was fun in year 1
Although I only won 2 races
And when my house won that day
You should have seen our faces

Year 2 we switched teachers and
Class. It was tricky as can be. And
Soon enough I settled in and
They all liked me.

My teacher in year 2 was nice
And let us play a game,
When the day finished
We screamed ‘aw, what a shame.’

Year 3 I was turning into big boy
I was turning 8
And then I met this one boy
Called Max who would forever be my mate.

My teacher was extremely scary
When he did yell
But that was very scary for me my
Parents I did tell.

In year 4 the teacher was new
And was very nice,
But year 4 got a bit gross
And someone got lice.

Year 5 the teacher was nice;
I was very pleased
But for one off jokes
He liked to tease.

Year 6 last year horray! nearly done
I was sad and happy
I can still remember the days
My parents changed my nappy.

Tom Phillpot - Year 7

Louis Montgomery - Year 7

What happens after death

People wonder what happens when you die,
But I know what happens after death,
They wonder what happens when your body drops,
When you take your final breath.

They ponder on secrets they will never know,
Answers and knowledge meant for gods,
The ponder on what happens when your heart stops,
I have pity on the sorry sods.

Some think you turn to a lonely spirit,
To wonder the earth alone,
Some hunt things that aren’t there,
The things that are neither flesh nor bone.

Some believe in the haven in the sky,
That it gets better when you die,
The people with wings look after you,
The angels that fly so high.

Some people believe you burn in hell,
That you are consumed by the blazing fires,
A lot of people don’t tell the truth,
I hate those filthy liars.

Some people believe you come back,
That you are changed when you awake,
They hunt other humans to eat their flesh,
They attack you and make your back break.

Some people believe you are on a journey,
That you are reborn as something new,
You do bad you bad back,
The truth is none of this true.

Some believe in death,
So I let those lucky ones be,
Because they know what really happens,
You belong to me!
Because you see,
I am death,
I am the cause of your final breath,
I am the cause when your body drops,
I am the cause when your heart stops.

Louis Montgomery - Year 7

Max Ratcliffe - Year 8

Dear Mr President

Dear Mr President,
I’m just an average American resident,
Don’t own my own tower,
Have little power,
Yet my morals clearly stand evident.

We believe in equality,
Yet it is not a general policy,
In a nation of liberty,
There is a vibe of negativity,
All thanks to you – Mr President.

The country aspires for more,
We don’t need to get caught up in war,
Now the borders are divided by a wall,
Not helping our relationships at all,
All thanks to you – Mr President.

In this exceedingly proud nation,
There is no room for immigration,
You offend a specific sex,
Not knowing the personal effect,
All thanks to you – Mr President.

Dear Mr President,
I hope your time is well spent,
See that you’ve introduced a ban,
Which prevents any Muslim man,
From entering the land of the free and the home of the brave,
All thanks to you – Mr President,
Who can’t responsibly behave.

Max Ratcliffe - Year 8

Jacob Robinson - Year 8


Society is torn apart, young kids can’t ask for a fresh start

Once it’s out there it’s out there

Teens sitting alone staring at a screen, not realising this is society’s dream

Without you, without me they would have nothing, no likes, no retweets, nothing

We don’t scroll through looking at happiness, just pages of fake smiles that will become our opponents, why do we torture ourselves with made up moments?

We’re not people anymore, just information sold in an online store

Just pieces of data on a system, 5 hours on a screen is not wisdom: it’s torture for ourselves, our teachers, our futures.

You’re constantly running out of time, time you’re wasting scrolling through your feed, but forgetting the things you really need…

Jacob Robinson - Year 8

Paddy O’Reilly & Sam Rouass - Year 8

Teen age

Expectations in the world, man it’s getting higher

You ain’t loved by the way you dress unless you’re covered in designer.

Most these days girls will get so angry if they mess up their eyeliner

But to most boys makeup is a minor

They usually go out with them but most of the time they don’t even like her

People get judged by the way they look, age, and their nation that’s what’s wrong with today’s generation.

We’re born to create, yet created from the same creation, we’re all humans but looked at based on our location.

You can’t kick someone out of the country due to immigration.

People are sectioned for their race, age and even gender. Now that is discrimination.

And people don’t realise

What is right in front of their eyes: everyone has a different mind

Yet all brainwashed and believe the same lies.

Can’t you see? Try read between the lines

Look at everything differently and you will be surprised

Don’t follow society or everyone’s desires you’re unique in the way you are

You don’t need to hide it

Don’t follow what the trend is: create your own style

Because the world can find happiness from just one smile

It’s not hard it comes from within

So don’t get influenced by others

So do your own thing

And don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t dance, run or sing

Or be the next president, you can be a king

Cos money ain’t the measure of success

Cos you could have a billion and be dead

Or you could have 20 grand and live a long life with no stress.

Paddy O’Reilly & Sam Rouass - Year 8

Sara Lee Durkan and Lauren Laughlan - Year 8


What’s the point in fighting?
When all we gain is pain
What’s the point in dying?
For a cause you don’t believe
What’s the use in following someone?
Who’s only ever lying?

Wars are fuelled by greed.
Leaders want things they don’t need,
Oil, gold, land.
Is it really necessary?
Is it worth the waste of human life?

So all you leaders,
Take a moment to reflect and pause,
Think of all the pain you’ve caused
And all the lives you’ve ruined.

Sara Lee Durkan and Lauren Laughlan - Year 8

Will Whateley - Year 8


People nowadays they don’t understand our young ways,
They don’t understand the way we talk, the way we walk
The way we count down our days to freedom
From school and expectation and grades and estimations,
And when we’re free we’ll be one thing,
Confused, confused about what to do, and where to go, and who to meet,
And how to live our lives in peace.

They say good grades secure a future,
They good grades secure a university and fill our live with diversity,
And when we get a degree we will be “qualified”; ‘qualified for what?’ I say
For looking down on the homeless all day?
And saying discrimination about immigration is a problem yet voting Brexit,
Because I won’t let prejudice invade my life.

Will Whateley - Year 8

Michael Kenyon - Year 8


You judge me on the information you don’t know
Because of my skin you already know me.
And we row,
Through an era of racism and hate
And I will wait for this ship to sink, as we need to make a link
With the blacks and the whites, the yellows and browns
To make racism drown.
All we need is hope, so we can pull the other side of the rope, of Racism.
To unite us as one, when that happens we’ve won, the fight.

In this world today, there are many different skin types.
If I had a choice I would get rid of this hype.
Black or white, yellow or brown, you shouldn’t look at these races with a frown.
We are all the same, the colour of our blood.
So don’t throw other races in the mud.
So it doesn’t matter the place of birth, all we need to realise is that we came from the same earth!
If I had a choice I would get rid of this hype.
Black or white, yellow or brown, you shouldn’t look at these races with a frown.
We are all the same, the colour of our blood.
So don’t throw other races in the mud.
So it doesn’t matter the place of birth, all we need to realise is that we came from the same earth!

Michael Kenyon - Year 8

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