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At Turing House there is a special focus on Music education. We believe that music is a truly universal language with the power to increase inclusion, confidence and self-esteem. It is also one of the only activities which stimulates all parts of the brain at the same time; there is a proven link between the learning of instruments, intelligence and progress.

In addition to our core music curriculum which explores a wide variety of genres, we ensure all students have regular, sustained and equal opportunities to engage with music in the school. We aim to use music across the curriculum as an inspiring way to introduce new concepts and cultures to students.

As part of our commitment to promoting the learning of instruments, we hold an instrumental taster day at the beginning of each academic year in collaboration with RMT. On this day, Year 7 students are given a demonstration by professional musicians on a wide selection of instruments and are then given the chance to try different ones out. For those students who already play, there is an opportunity to take part in a large orchestral session with practicing musicians. Take up of instruments at Turing House is high both inside and outside of school with 35 students in year 7 and 24 in year 8 taking regular lessons.

Students are given many different ways to become involved in music at Turing House. There is a wide range of extra-curricular musical activities including orchestra, choirs, band, and music technology club. Increasingly, students are managing small ensemble groups themselves which is an important part of their independence and musical development. Students are encouraged to compose their own work which might involve exploring music technology or managing music and arts projects and to perform it publicly where possible.

Students have a wide range of performance and composing opportunities, encompassing a variety of musical genres, both within the school and in collaboration with Borough and other providers. To this end we have once termly concerts, weekly lunchtime musical sessions at Elleray Hall and are delighted to join with the RMT orchestral and choral events held annually at St Mary's and The Rose Theatre. We are building links with the music industry and working composers through shared education projects and different performance events.  We are looking forward later on in the year to recording professionally highlights of the music at Turing House. Wherever possible we draw on the expertise of professional musicians and offer the students opportunities to work with them.

Richmond borough has a rich local musical cultural heritage; we want to celebrate and build on this to inspire and motivate our students. and to share the musical talents of Turing House with the community. The skills learnt and fostered in the music education here will benefit the whole school and the local community enhancing concentration, creativity, teamwork and well-being.

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