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Turing House is working towards becoming an Eco School. In order for us to achieve this award we will be working closely with members of the school community to make a number of small changes, which we hope will have a big impact! 


 Dig Day

Saturday 8th October saw the transformation of the garden surrounding the playground. We started off the day with a very overgrown garden, filled with tree roots and ineffective weed membrane. By the end it was all gone and we are now left with a blank canvas ready for its new plants.

It is well on its way to becoming the Turing House Jurassic Garden! 

A big thank you must go to all of the parents, governors, members of Turing House Friends and staff who gave up their precious Saturday morning to help us achieve this. Refreshments were provided by THF and went down an absolute treat. 

Before the dig


After the dig

What is the Eco Award? 

The Eco Award is designed to allow us to; enhance the school curriculum, developing our links with the wider community and improving our school.

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • School grounds
  • Healthy living
  • Transport
  • Litter
  • Waste
  • Global citizenship

Of the nine topics, the eco-committee have to select the topics of focus. The school isn’t required to work on all of the topics at once. However, whilst working on one topic we may find that we are able to make improvements in other areas, as they are designed to interlink.

Energy is the only compulsory topic – tackling this topic is an excellent way to both reduce our school’s emissions and to save money through reduced energy bills.

The Eco Committee

The Eco Committee is formed of a number of different individuals both in school and part of our local community.

Senior Management Team Member - Mr M O'Sullivan

School Bursar - Mrs P Matmari

Other Teachers - Miss V Barnes / Miss G Cusworth / Miss C Garrod / Miss A Wilkinson

Governor - Ms J Haymer

Parent - Ms A Dalton

Non-Teaching Staff - Mrs M Woodcock

Caretaker - Mr A Jones

Representative from Local Authority - Ms J Bennett

Member of the local community -

Upcoming Eco Events

Switch Off Fortnight

Pupils all set for the Switch off Fortnight

Switch Off Fortnight - Between the 14th and 27th November 

The School Environmental Review

Members of the Eco Club spent time carrying out an in depth review of all areas in the school, including the sustainability of our resources to the suppliers of our utilities. This will then be used to draw out a number of action points, which we can focus on over the coming weeks to make improvements to our school site. 


The Dinosaur Garden

Together with Friends of the River Crane, pupils spent time planning and discussing ideas for a new Jurassic Themed Garden along the edge of the front playground. 



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