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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 Geography
Term 1Fieldwork and Skills   
Students are given the opportunity to undertake their own independent investigation into an aspect of geography which links to their A level course. They will be exposed to a variety of quantitative data collection, statistical and qualitative methods, alongside presentation techniques. They will be given support and guidance to produce a 4000-word report. This is an exciting opportunity for students to examine an aspect of geography that interests them.
Assessment: 4000 word independent investigation (NEA).Key Words and Terms
Term 2 - 3Resource Security   
This unit focuses on the large-scale exploitation of unevenly distributed natural resources, which is one of the defining features of the present era. Increasing demand for water, energy and minerals and their critical role in human affairs, leads to massive local and regional transfers of water and massive global transfers of energy and minerals. This topic enables students to grasp contemporary global issues and link to global politics and economics alongside the physical demands on our planet.
Assessment: Short and long exam answers, past questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 2 - 4Global Systems and Global Governance   
This section focuses on globalisation – the economic, political and social changes associated with technological and other driving forces which have been a key feature of global economy and society in recent decades. Increased interdependence and transformed relationships between peoples, states and environments have prompted more or less successful attempts at a global level to manage and govern some aspects of human affairs. Students engage with important dimensions of these phenomena with particular emphasis on international trade and access to markets as well as the governance of the global commons, such as Antarctica. Students contemplate many complex dimensions of contemporary world affairs, including their own place in, and perspective on, them.
Assessment: Past papers, short and long questions, up to 20 marks.Key Words and Terms
Term 5 - 6Revision and Skills   
Students will revise content and test their understanding of all units with exam questions and knowledge tests to prepare them for their final assessments. This will involve a structured approach with different topics and skills being highlighted on a weekly basis. Independent learning is encouraged here.
Assessment: Past papers, mock exams, skills specific tasks.Key Words and Terms