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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Drama
Term 1GCSE Devising   
This term, pupils will finish their GCSE devising unit (component 1). They will work in groups to create their own piece of theatre based on a given stimulus. They will write a portfolio essay on the process.
Assessment: Videoed pieces and essays will be sent to the exam board.Key Words and Terms
Term 2 and 3GCSE Performance from a Text   
Pupils will work in small groups to rehearse two scenes from a play. These scenes will be performed in front of a visiting examiner and form part of a GCSE showcase for an invited audience.
Assessment: Pupils will have a mock performance exam in Term 2 before their final performance exam in Term 3.Key Words and Terms
Term 3 and 4 GCSE Theatre Makers in Practice   
Pupils will study DNA by Dennis Kelly in preparation for their exam. They will explore various aspects of the text and practise exam questions on these. Pupils will also visit the theatre in preparation for the live theatre section of the exam.
Assessment: Pupils will sit a mock exam.Key Words and Terms
Term 5 and 6Exam Prep   
Pupils will spend lessons preparing for the written exam in May.
Assessment: Written exam component. Key Words and Terms