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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 English
Term 1 and Term 2A Christmas Carol & English Language   
Students will study nineteenth century text 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. We will focus on analysing the ways in which Dickens uses form, structure and language in key parts of the novel. Students will also learn how to answer the ‘whole-text’ question, which focuses on how Dickens presents and develops characters and themes over the whole of the novel. For English language, students will recap all question types for the GCSE exam and practise answering questions based on a range of unseen fiction and non-fiction.
Assessment: English Literature: mock examination in November for Literature Paper 2 (A Christmas Carol and Poetry) English Language: mock examinations in November for English Language Papers 1 and 2.Key Words and Terms
Term 3 and Term 4Literature and Language Revision
Students will revise all of the skills and texts covered since the start of Year 10 and practise a range of questions for English Language and Literature.
Assessment: Mock examinations in February covering English Literature Paper 1 (Macbeth & Journey's End/Boys Don't Cry) and English Language papers 1 and 2.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Literature and Language Revision   
Students continue their revision and preparation for their GCSE exams in English Language and English Literature (Edexcel). Teaching focuses on growing students' independence in their ability to analyse and evaluate a range of unseen texts, and build their confidence in doing so within timed conditions. Lessons are tailored to the needs of students and equip them with the skills they need for the final exams.
Assessment: NA: students are preparing for their final GCSE examinations.Key Words and Terms