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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 English
Term 1 - 2Macbeth   
Pupils will study ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. They will study the plot of the play and consider it as a play to be performed, rather than a text to be read. They will annotate key extracts and consider whole text themes, characters, contexts and plot in preparation for Literature Paper 1. Students will also study aspects of Language Paper 1 including reading unseen fiction texts, analysing language and structure, and crafting their own creative writing.
Assessment: Students will complete an extract question on 'Macbeth'. For English language, students will complete an analysis of language and structure.Key Words and Terms
Term 3 - 4Journey's End or Boys Don't Cry   
Journey's End: pupils will read 'Journey's End' in its entirety to build on their English Literature Skills. The key focus is on understanding plot, character and themes from the play. Pupils will understand how to analyse and comment on the overall structure of the text, the context and writer’s message within the text. Boys Don't Cry: students will read the novel with a focus on ideas and themes in the text and the writer's methods. Students will consider how the novel relates to contemporary family life and reflect on their own experiences. Students will be assessed on extracts from their studied text in Term 3 and on the whole text in Term 4. Students will also study a range of non-fiction texts in preparation for English Language Paper 2, and practise writing non-fiction texts such as letters and newspaper articles. Students will also be exposed to a range of unseen poetry in preparation for their Literature exam, exploring the main ideas and themes within poetry and how poets convey them.
Assessment: Language: Term 3: 'Evaluate' assessment focusing on writers' use of settings, ideas, themes and events. Term 4: Transactional writing assessment, crafting texts such as letters and newspaper articles. Literature: Term 3: extract-based assessment analysing writers' methods Term 4: whole-text assessment analysing overall ideas and themes, linked to context.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Poetry (Conflict poems and Unseen Poem Comparison)   
Students will study poems with the theme of conflict from the published Edexcel anthology. Students will develop their understanding of, and responses to a range of poems, including skills of comparison. Students will also learn the skill of analysing and comparing unseen poetry, analysing poets' use of language, form and structure.
Assessment: Literature: poetry assessment, comparing two poems Language: comparing two unseen textsKey Words and Terms
Term 6Non-Fiction and Literature Revision  
Students will consolidate the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the year, completing a range of tasks in preparation for their end of year exams: Literature Paper 1 (Macbeth and Journey's End) and Language Paper 2 (Non-fiction reading and writing). Students will also complete their spoken language presentation which forms part of their formal GCSE assessment.
Assessment: End of year exam covering all the GCSE questionsKey Words and Terms