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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Spanish
Term 1Intereses e influencias   
This unit will focus on free time activities. Students will develop their ability to: - Talk about their interests - Discuss TV programmes and films - Talk about and describe their role models They will learn about the differences between the imperfect and preterit tenses and will also learn the perfect tense.
Assessment: Reading - students will complete an end-of-module reading assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Ciudades  
This unit is all about students describing their local area using the present and simple future tenses. They will describe geographical features in their region and also learn language to go shopping in Spain. Finally they will discuss the pros and cons of different cities.
Assessment: Writing - students will complete a 90 word writing practice.Key Words and Terms
Term 3De costumbre  
Through the study of this unit, students will become able to : - describe mealtime - order food in a restaurant - describe festivals - talk about illnesses and injuries. They will learn how to use and avoid the passive tense and revisit reflexive verbs.
Assessment: Listening - students will complete and end-of-module listening assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 4A currar   
In this unit students explore the world of work, earning money, work experience and general future plans. They learn more about the preterit and imperfect tenses and also how to use the subjunctive tense after future time expressions.
Assessment: Reading- Pupils will complete an end of module reading assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Revision for mock exams  
Students will be revisiting modules 1,2,and 3 covered in Year 9. They will be preparing for their listening, reading and writing mock exams and therefore be focusing heavily on exam skills.
Assessment: Year 10 will be taking their mock exam at the end of this term - they will be sitting listening, reading and writing past papers.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Speaking exam preparation  
Students will be practising and preparing for all aspects of the end-of-year speaking exam. They will be writing a presentation on their chosen topic that can last up to a minute. They will be practising photo cards, role plays and general conversations.
Assessment: Students will take their mock speaking exam at the end of this term - it will be a role play, photo card, one minute presentation and general conversation, the same as in their real GCSE speaking exam.Key Words and Terms