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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Religion & Philosophy
Term 1What is Religion and Philosophy?   
In this unit students will get to grips with the concept of religious education, philosophy and ethics. Students will examine perception and begin to reflect on their own beliefs and views.
Assessment: A basic knowledge test to see if students are aware of the main features of the six main world religionsKey Words and Terms
Term 2Are Religious Stories important?  
In this unit students will examine key stories in each of the six main world religions. Topics will include the origins of the founders of the religion plus events that are now celebrated as festivals
Assessment: A knowledge based online assessments broadening the knowledge of the main six world religions with particular focus on stories within the faith.Key Words and Terms
Term 3What is Philosophy?  
In this unit students will begin to challenge things that they have up until now not thought about such as the real meaning of identity, language, dreams and happiness. The focus here will be on life after death.
Assessment: Extended answer question focusing on one aspect of Philosophy. Either a) Life after death or b) God 's existenceKey Words and Terms
Term 4Did Jesus deserve to die?   
In this unit students will explore the origins of the religion, its main beliefs and concepts and look at the splits within the Christian faith that have resulted in different denominations. Students will then examine the last week of Jesus' life.
Assessment: A knowledge based assessment focusing on Jesus' last week on earth and some basic fundamentals of the Christian faith. Students will have an opportunity to answer a longer answer question.Key Words and Terms
Term 5What are the seven deadly sins?  
In this unit students will look at the seven deadly sins, why we class them as sins and reflect on these sins within the students own lives. Students will also look at Key virtues.
Assessment: A knowledge based assessment on the seven deadly sins with the opportunity to evaluate the most deadly.Key Words and Terms
Term 6What do Hindus believe?  
In this unit students will cover their first eastern religion by exploring the main beliefs of Hinduism, from the Trimurti and places of worship to worship in the home and key festivals.
Assessment: End of year examination focusing specifically at the main features of Hinduism and Christianity. Key Words and Terms