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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Spanish
Term 1¡Hola!  
In this unit students will learn the classroom language they need to be able to interact with each other and the teacher in the target language. They will be able to greet each other and ask and answer simple questions about themselves. Count up to 30.
Assessment: Speaking- students to present a mini dialogue in pairs based on the interaction language used in class.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Mi Tiempo Libre
In this unit pupils will learn to express their likes and dislikes with reasons in Spanish whilst talking about their hobbies and free time activities.They will also learn how to extend their sentences using connectives and high-frequency words.
Assessment: Reading - pupils will read a variety of texts in Spanish and answer comprehension questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 3El Colegio  
In this unit pupils will learn to tell the time, talk about things they do every day and school subjects.They will learn to compare, give opinions and justifications, and express preferences relating to the activities they do in school.
Assessment: Writing - Pupils to write about their favourite school subjects, giving opinions and justifications.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Mi Familia  
In this unit students will learn to talk about their families and pets using possessive adjectives.They will be able to describe their appearance, character traits and make colours agree with nouns. They will also know how to count up to 100.
Assessment: Listening - Pupils will listen to a variety of Spanish speakers and answer comprehension questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 5La Ciudad  
In this unit students will learn to describe their city and speak about the different places available to visit, and how to give basic directions. Students will also practise ordering food and drink in a cafe. Finally they will say what they are going to do this weekend using the immediate future tense.
Assessment: Reading - students will complete an end-of-module reading assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 6En el Verano/ Repaso  
In this unit pupils will learn to talk about future events, what they will do on the weekend and what they plan to do in the summer depending on weather conditions. They will use the informal future tense “ir + a + infinitive”
Assessment: Pupils to write a piece incorporating all topics from this year and also talking about their future plans for the summer holidays.Key Words and Terms