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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 History
Term 1What is History?   
In this unit, students will explore the rationale behind the study of history. They will learn the key skills and tools needed to use when examining periods of history. This will prepare students for historical study at Key Stage 3 and beyond.
Assessment: Historical Skills Test: What is History? In this assessment, students are tested on key vocabulary, their understanding of historical sources and how to use them within an extended piece of writing. This provides an introduction to historical writing and the use of sources.Key Words and Terms
Term 2What does it mean to be British?  
In this unit, students will study where we have come from through time, and what it means to be British. They will learn of how migration has contributed to British history, and about different time periods including the Romans and Vikings. This unit will also incorporate analysis and discussion of British attitudes towards immigration, and the Windrush scandal.
Assessment: Individual Presentation: Immigration This presentation involves independent preparation outside of the classroom. It encourages students to produce and deliver an investigative case study, developing both their historical knowledge and their confidence in delivering material to their peers. Students are assessed on the information they deliver and additionally, their oral and physical delivery of the material. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Did one battle with the French change everything?   
In this unit, students will learn why 1066 was a year of crisis. They will study the claimants to the throne, the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. They will then learn about the methods which William used to conquer England. They will study the feudal system, Domesday book and castles.
Assessment: Individual Homework Project: Castles Students are encouraged to be both creative and historically accurate within this project.The historical knowledge of students will be assessed through a written booklet and also a creative piece produced by students outside of the classroom. This project will solidify students' knowledge, whilst developing their creative thinking within historical study. Key Words and Terms
Term 4What would I be doing in 1317?   
In this unit, students will learn about life in the Middle Ages. They will study the role of the church, the Black Death, and the Peasants Revolt. They will discover how medicine was used in the medieval period, what jobs people had, and the foods that they ate. Aswell as studying the European Medieval world, they will analyse why the city of Timbuktu was significant, how views of Great Zimbabwe have changed over time, and what made the Ming Empire in China such an advanced society.
Assessment: Historical Skills Test: Medieval Life & the Norman Conquest This test will assess students' knowledge and understanding of important key terms and historical concepts, including cause and consequence, interpretation and use of evidence. These second order concepts are important in developing historical understanding. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Why risk death to defend the church?   
In this unit, students will study why people went on the crusades, how they divided the east and west, and their relevance and importance today. This unit will also provide students with the opportunity top develop a thorough understanding of key historical vocabulary, which will support their learning in future units.
Assessment: Knowledge Test This test requires students to recall key pieces of knowledge and information they have learnt within this unit. It also provides the opportunity for students to develop strategies to help with structuring and organising knowledge. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Why are the Tudors the most remembered family in English history?   
In this unit, students will study the Tudor dynasty. They will learn about the lives and reigns of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. They will analyse this period of British history which included Shakespeare and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. They will also study the previously untold stories of the Black Tudors, transforming how this most intriguing period of history has traditionally been seen. They will learn stories of individuals such as Jacques Francis, the Mauritanian diver who salvaged lost treasures from the Mary Rose, and many more.
Assessment: End of Year Exam This exam allows for students to be assessed on the historical knowledge and skills they have acquired across Year 7. By developing students' understanding of these skills and key historical concepts, this provides a solid basis of historical understanding to be built on across Key Stage 3.Key Words and Terms